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About the Directors.

Dr Brian Edwards was Associate Professor in Literary Studies at Deakin University in Geelong, Victoria, Australia until 2006. He is the author of Theories of Play and Postmodern Fiction (London & New York: Garland 1998), four collections of poetry – All in Time (2003), The Escape Sonnets (2006), In the Real World (2009) and Film Poems (2017), a collection of short fiction – Corresponding with Thomas Pynchon (2017) and some three hundred and fifty items (essays, articles, reviews, creative works) published in books, journals and magazines. He was long term editor of the literary and cultural studies journal Mattoid (1985-2006) and he has edited books of criticism and thirty anthologies, including Light Falls (2012), The Place of Rest (2013), That Untravelled World (2014) and Wand’ring Steps (2015). He has a long history of research supervision at all levels (from beginning writers to post-doctoral), a mentoring commitment through many years of individual writing projects, and a continuing editing and manuscript development and assessment service for anyone with interests in writing, short fiction, a novel, poetry or memoir or critical study. He believes in the ability of anyone to be able to write and to develop as a writer and in the worth of this practice at an individual level, for anyone of any age and background.

Robyn Gardner taught at the University of Melbourne for six years, in English and Cultural Studies (1990-1996) and at Deakin University in Geelong in literary and philosophical studies and in ‘cultures of medicine’ (1989-2006). She has held research positions at Yale University in the US, two travel grants to Cornell University (as internee of The School of Criticism and Theory) and was a Reader at the Bodleian in Oxford, researching in Romanticism. She was co-editor of Mattoid (1988-2006) and editor of The Body Issue and Revisions in Romanticism. She has written reviews for The Australian, ABC’s Arts Today, Agenda (RMIT’s Fine Arts Magazine) and Cultural Studies Review. Her academic research has been in interdisciplinary and transatlantic studies, on the relationship of biotechnological practices to aesthetics, literature and art. Her doctoral research ( withdrawn from, variously published) was on the rise of Yale School of literary theory in relation to earlier European social biological theories and new molecular biogenetic modelling, with reference to the problematic concept of allegory in the work of Paul de Man. She has presented many papers in such contexts, and related projects include a contributing chapter, on aesthetic ideologies and new hormone technologies, in Reinterpreting the Menopause: Cultural and Ethical Issues (edited by Paul Komesaroff, Routledge 1995), and contributing essay for the post-Beuys German installation artist Rosemarie Trockel’s international exhibition at MOMA (Wellington and Sydney, curated by Gregory Burke (1994). She withdrew from doctoral study and university life in 2008, when her partner had a heart attack, and with the perception that university life was increasingly ‘corporate’ and less enabling, and with a decision to spend more time painting and writing independently, if able. She was owner of Wishart Gallery in Port Fairy for six years (2010-2016) where she had a studio and currently spends her time between the Southwest of Victoria and Italy, where she has held art residencies, in Umbria and Lazio and in the UK where she has family.

She has a studio in what was the old Bank of Australasia building in Port Fairy, on Sackville Street, which also houses Mattoid-Grange Publishing, an arts’ bookshop and gallery space.